Sell a Home, Save a Child

I love the “donor choice” giving we do for each loan.  The charities aren’t necessarily what I’m passionate about but there are countless great causes to choose from and it’s fun to send the money and learn about the cause.  A client in 2017 designated to Forward Edge.  While I was on their website reading about the amazing work they do, I noticed Sell A Home, Save A Child. (SAHSAC)  Naturally I was curious and a few weeks later I’m having breakfast with Nick Shivers in Portland at one of his favorite breakfast joints.  He was as curious about Good Deeds Mortgage and our mortgage giving as I was about SAHSAC.

Nick and Erik have used their influence in the real estate marketplace to have others join them in giving a portion of each transaction or monthly donation to Forward Edge.  They’ve rallied a couple hundred businesses and individuals to join the cause.

Not only do they give generously and rally others to do the same, they GO and invite others to go with them.  They’ve gone to Nicaragua, Haiti, Mexico, Africa, and others.

Currently they’ve given 1.9 million in 4 years while GDM has only given 1.5 million in 6 years.  I’m coming after you Nick & Erik!  Seriously though, we’ve become huge fans of each other.  While our giving models are very different our heart is the same.

Give in huge extravagant ways to help others.

One of the thing I love about Nick is if you’ve spent an hour with him, you know Nick.  He’s honest, authentic, raw and passionate.  He’s had a huge impact on helping me grow and develop Good Deeds Mortgage.

I’ve never actually met Erik in person.  I did spend a week in Haiti though with 3 members of team Hatch.  They loved working with team Hatch and it was easy to see the company culture Erik has created.  Erik makes sure everyone on the team excels both in business and life.  He’s written what I consider a must read that applies to business and life.  “Play For the Person Next to You”.  The over simplified gist is, Erik works for his team, not the other way around.  Be a servant leader.

It excites us and gives us a renewed sense of purpose when we see other businesses practicing radical generosity to help those in need. Nick and Erik had a conviction to do more, and they did it. It is our hope that other companies would follow suit. 

My week in Haiti was life and perspective changing.  I’ve spent lots of time in the poorest of neighborhoods in Tijuana.  Haiti was different though.  I finally understood ‘America is the land of opportunity’.  In Haiti, their opportunities are limited.