Project Six19

“We are not a purity movement.”

The topics of sex and sexuality are sensitive. For thousands of years humanity has struggled deeply with them. Throughout history, the pendulum has swung between sexual liberalism and repression. From the ‘never speak of it’ attitude of the early 20th century, to the sexual revolution of the 1960s, history gives us countless examples of two sides at war with one another, each passionately expressing their ideas about what sexuality is and how we should use it. Our culture is becoming increasingly polarized over two-sided issues. The divide on this subject is perhaps more volatile than ever and is a hot-button issue in politics, pop-culture, home life, schools, churches and more. The conversations surrounding sexuality are ubiquitous and are for the most part, toxic.

The issue is not that these conversations are happening, the issue is the way in which they are happening. You could say that we have lost our ability to maintain composure on this subject, but I’m not sure that we’ve ever had that ability. With the frequency at which these conversations are now happening, it is increasingly important that Christians are leading the way. Yes, Christians have led the way on conversations of sexuality for hundreds of years, but in many ways we have dropped the ball. So the question remains, how do you continue the conversations around sex and leave behind the toxicity, anxiety, fear, and pain that many feel because of it? 

This week, Good Deeds Mortgage is featuring Project Six19. Project Six19 gets their name and derives their purpose from 1 Timothy 6:19 which states,

“In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life” 

Project Six19 exists to bring life into the lifeless conversations surrounding sex. They are not a purity movement, instead, they focus on sexual integrity. As Ethan Renoe puts it,

“Purity is zoomed in on the one thing you can’t do, whereas sexual integrity is just a thread in the fabric of my entire life, my walk with Christ.”

Instead of focusing on an endless list of restrictive ‘no’s’ Project Six19 aims to shift the focus on God’s greater yes which is to take hold of life that is truly life through sexual integrity that is centered on Christ. As the culture war around sexuality rages on, Project Six19 sets up camp in the middle of the battlefield as a place to come as you are, to heal, and to grab hold of true life. 

Project Six19 does this by providing resources and information to help bring clarity to the principles revealed in scripture and to provide a guilt free space for people to talk about sex all with the goal to empower individuals to live out relationships that bring true life centered on Christ. Project Six19 has taken the time to create and provide the resources necessary for people to talk about sex in a healthy and biblical manner. As an organization they have spent almost 10,000 hours presenting to forums and programs. Through their online platform, they have been able to reach over 13,000 people and almost 250 have registered for their e-courses.

Their impact is real. The numbers show it, and the testimonies do too. Carl Thomas, the Executive Director of Live Free Community says this about Project Six19,

“Project Six19 is one of those resources we trust completely when it comes to helping churches, families, and teens talk about sex and sexuality. They provide a message of hope and freedom that is changing lives, and most Importantly, they aren’t afraid to talk about these things in an honest way.” 

This is why Good Deeds Mortgage supports Project Six19. They live out their calling, well. They speak with truth and love. They provide education, resources, and tools that have introduced thousands to a life of sexual integrity – and ultimately – to life that is truly life. If you are interested in learning more about them, visit their About Us page on their website. If you want to get involved in their mission, go here: Get Involved. If you are sold on their mission and the work they do, consider supporting them financially. Perhaps most importantly, be sure to click the resources dropdown on their website to see how Project Six19 can help you navigate conversations about sex with your church, children, parents, and loved-ones.